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with visual charts, dashboards and infographics. Unlock the story of your data

Latest Infographics

Convey complex data in easily digestible visual formats
Increase social media reach and engagement
Distil the data to create memorable brand messages

Video Reports

Convert your data heavy and hard to process excel sheets to engaging visual stories and charts.


On brand

I can create modern impactful designs based on existing brand guidelines or those that maybe need a bit of a refresh.

UX focused

I convert the knowledge you have gathered on your customers, from behaviours to motivations and emotions into designs that speak to their needs.

Data Ink ratio

Dashboards designed to explain and simplify, keeping the message down to its core and reducing the noise around your takeaways.

Cross Browser

Cross browser and responsive dashboard designs to ensure your UI is received well across all devices

Victoria Hallett
NHS Slam

They were hugely impressed by the slides, and felt that they fitted with our group perfectly. We are so so pleased with them – and excited for them to be used in a future large scale trial of Predictive Parenting. Thanks again for all your hard work, creativity and patience – it was very much appreciated.

Prof. Tony Charman
King's College London

This is amazing work 😊! Send our thanks and plaudits onto Elle. They encapsulate the ideas you are working on so well.

Product Marketing Manager

In terms of feedback, excellent, this is now exceptionally professional! Thanks for all of the effort and fast turnaround and great to have been introduced.

Alexander Doust | Director of Marketing and Global Sales Operations
Cambridge Mechatronics

Thank you for taking on board our wide range of input and distilling it down to a new design that has been very favourably received; the additional training video adding weight and practical implementation to the new document template. We will be able to enjoy the new design for many years.


Elle Stanton

Design Director

+44 777 252 0908

Freelance art director delivering campaign strategies, concepts and artwork for ad agencies and brands both near and far for nearly 15+ years.

Skilled in all things Adobe and Microsoft; XD, AE AI, PS, PPT, Figma and more. Experienced in delivering 360 ads campaigns from print to outdoor videos with specialist digital knowledge.

Should you have a brief to discuss I’d love to hear from you.